We are a family run farm based near High Wycombe, Bucks

We normally have Point of Lay Hens available to purchase between the end of Feb/beg March until mid/end October each year. All are fully vaccinated and at Point of Lay approx. 15/20 weeks.

UPDATED 19th June 2016

We have no Hens Available at the moment. I Will Update This page as soon as they arrive..Many Thanks 

 Please see below for Details.

 Please ring first to make sure someone is around 


CROFTERS FARM TEL: 01494 481416

We also sell Marriages Layers Pellets

£9.00 for a 20kg sack



Cheshire Blue

These hens are a blue egg layer although this is not guaranteed!
Similar in size to the White Star but with a crested head and a few
blue specks in the white feathering.

£25 Each

 More available soon



A Rhode Island Red X Cuckoo Maran Hen. Beautiful grey/blue colouring. Lays 260+ brown eggs a year. 

More in Soon
£18 each



Speckled Star

A Maran derived bird crossed with a barred Plymouth Rock. A very friendly bird and a good layer of large dark brown eggs.

 More In Soon
£18 Each



Sussex Star 

 A cross with Light Sussex and Rhode Island Red she is a pretty white bird with black marking around her neck and on her tail. A lovely old fashioned type bird with a calm nature. Laying approx 260+ eggs a year .

 More in Soon
£18 Each


White Star

A beautiful white leghorn X laying 300-320 WHITE eggs a year. 

More in soon

 £18 Each



 Gold Star

The Gold Star is a cross between Rhode Island Red and Light Sussex with shades of brown and cream. She has a lovely nature and is liable to break  into a trot chasing you for affection, she makes an ideal family hen. Very friendly and calm, laying approx. 330+ brown eggs a year.  

 More in Soon
£18 Each


Black Star

Black feathered bird Rhode Island Cockerel X Barred Plymouth Rock Female laying approx 290-300 brown eggs a year. Hardy and placid ideal for free range. Similar looking and behaviour to the Black Rock.

 More in Soon
£18 Each


Black Tail Red

A friendly gold coloured hen with black markings similar to the Columbian black tail. She lays approx 300+ eggs a year

 More in Soon
£18 Each



A pretty bird with silvery white plumage around neck and head and a black body. A cross between Rhode Island Red and Sussex. also known as Pied Sussex. She lays approx. 240- 300 eggs a year.

Not available

£18 Each



 Amber Star

A Pretty cream coloured Hen. Some cream, some with varying copper coloured markings laying approx 302+ brown eggs a year

More in Soon

£18 Each 




As we are a working farm collection of hens is by appointment only to make sure someone is available to help you.

You will need to bring a cardboard box or cat type basket with a lid as they will escape otherwise with you on collection. A crisp size box will hold 2 hens comfortably.

We DO NOT accept  Debit/Credit cards as we do not have the facilities to do so. Cheques are NOT accepted also.

We are also unable to reserve Hens as we do not have the facilities to do so.

PLEASE PHONE 01494 481416



Chinnor Road
Bledlow Ridge
HP14 4AJ

Agents for meadowsweet poultry

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